Richie reportedly looked at another woman in a disco. Princess Barby, as the strict mistress of her slave, of course doesn't tolerate that. And so he is subjected to a small interrogation for billing in the room. Handcuffed behind his back, he sits on the floor like a convict. Barby yells at him, verbally makes him a snail. He should tell about the incident. But Richie can't tell anything because in truth, nothing like that happened. Only Princess Barby came up with the idea of bullying him. She screams in his ears all the time, tears his hair, kicks and hits him on the back of the head. Richie doesn't even know what to say under the psychological terror. I can only hope that it will be over soon ..

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Terror 2

  • Product Code: Terror 2
Format: SD
Length: 6:07 Minute
  • 6.07€

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